Samuel Willards Pre Mix Promotion

Samuel Willard's Cocktail Competition
Samuel Willard's Pre-Mix Essences

How to Enter:

1. Your recipe must include the use of a Samuel Willard’s Pre-Mix Liqueur Essence.

2. Entrants must purchase a bottle of Samuel Willard’s Pre-Mix Liqueur Essence from a participating BREW Cellar stockist during the competition period (01/05/14 – 31/05/14). **Competition extended to 30/06/14.

3. Your submission must be an original recipe.

4. Recipes and proof of purchase must be submitted at by 5pm on Saturday May 31, 2014 Monday 30th June, 2014.

5.The Top 10 entries will be made up, sampled and judged by both the Samuel Willard’s and BREW Cellar sales team to determine the winning recipe.

a. The Top 10 Recipes will be chosen by the BREW Cellar team and announced on Wednesday June 4, 2014 Tuesday July 1, 2014.

b. The Top 10 Recipes will be made up, sampled and judged on Friday June 20, 2014 Tuesday July 8th, 2014.

6. The winning recipe will be announced on Friday June 20, 2014 Tuesday July 8th, 2014.

7.The owner of the winning recipe will be notified by phone or email on Friday June 20, 2014 Tuesday July 8th, 2014, and the winning entry will be announced on the BREW Cellar Distribution Facebook Page,, and via email to the BREW Cellar Distribution Mailing List.

View the Full Terms & Conditions here.

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