BREW Cellar Starter Kit

“Everything you need to start brewing now”

BREW Cellar Starter Kit with NEW DVD

New Brewers will find a host of help and savings at BREW Cellar!

If you’re new to Home Brewing…maybe starting to think about giving it a go…or starting again after giving it up…there are a number of compelling reasons to get into your nearest BREW Cellar stockist “Fast”!

First of all there’s the savings to be had when you brew your own. You don’t need to be “Einstein” to figure out how much money you can save when you brew your own beer from as little as 25c a stubby!

Then there’s the quality! The beer you brew yourself is fresh, you know what goes into it, it’s natural and chemical free…oh, and did we mention how much you’ll save?

And, of course, there’s the fun, enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment you get when you find out how easy and fast it is to brew beer this good, right in your own home.

Home Brewing these days is much less of a science and much more of an enjoyable project you can share with family and friends! The Beer Kits, equipment and accessories available from your nearest BREW Cellar stockist are better, more modern and procedures much more refined than ever before. A simple, fast and highly enjoyable batch of beer is the inevitable result!

Start right and you’ll get the right finish.

The logical place to start your new brewing adventure is at your nearest BREW Cellar stockist, because their years of experience and tons of expertise will make all the difference! They will be able to back this advice with access to the best ingredients and the right equipment at the right price to make sure you have a very positive result every time. Ask your local BREW Cellar stockist about our awesome  23ltr Micro Brewery Starter Kit. You’ll see it there in the sparkling Green & Gold livery that tells you it’s a genuine BREW Cellar product.

This is the “Magic Box” that contains everything you need to get you started…yes, even the 30 bottles you’ll fill from your first brew! Get your hands on a BREW Cellar Starter Kit and, before you know it, you’ll be enjoying high quality, great tasting beer that will only cost a fraction of what you’ve been used to paying…and you can proudly say “I made it myself!”